Among The Trees, Tea Rooms at Phoenix Park

Among The Trees, Tea Rooms at Phoenix Park
Beside Dublin Zoo, Dublin 8

Today was a typical summer’s day in Ireland. It bucketed down rain and then the sun beamed gloriously which will no doubt give us all chronic back pain and confused bitterness to last a lifetime. On a day like this, why not venture to Phoenix Park and avail of all that open space and when the thirst for a cup of tea gets you, head to Among The Trees. It’s a gorgeous little gazebo with a decent range of cakes and coffees. The marshmallow and Rice Krispie slice I had today was ridiculously tasty. In my ecstasy of eating it, I declared “every bite is an adventure”.

What has it got?

Seating: Outside, there are picnic benches with fixed seats but there is also a table with moveable chairs. All of the tables inside have moveable chairs.
Doors: You may need a hand with the front door here as it is split in the middle but it will fit a wheelchair.
Ground: Tiled floor inside and tarred patio outside.
Stairs: There is one step inside at the front door but one heft from a friend should get you in.
Bathrooms: The ladies bathroom fits a wheelchair nicely. I didn’t check the gents but the toilets are outside and when toilets are outside, there are no rules, right?
Spaciousness: There is plenty of walking space here.
Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are very helpful and attentive here.
Parking: There is wheelchair parking available beside Dublin Zoo and there is plenty of parking about the park but be prepared to compete with space wagons full of children and tag rugby teams for these spots.
Rating: 9/10
Why did it lose points? It just lost one point because of the step in, otherwise, it is great and a fantastic addition to the park. 

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