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Festival Review: Castlepalooza

Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

As I said many, many times over the course of the weekend, Castlepalooza is my new favourite festival and, no promo, but I did a wee review of it for the Irish Times (the first half is the work of Una Mulally and the second half is all me). And now, down to the Legless stuff.

What has it got?

Seating: There were plenty of picnic tables and benches about the place but they were high in demand so you’d have to fight tooth and nail for them.
Doors: The only doors you’d have to tackle here are in your tent, the toilet or the doors you metaphorically constructed yourself.
Ground: The castle grounds were very easy to get around. There was very little mud, even after it rained, which was great for wheelchairs but tough if you were trying to pitch a tent. Wood chippings were scattered around potential danger zones. But all in all, easiest festival site I’ve ever had the pleasure of rolling through.
Stairs: If you wanted to get into the castle, you had two steps into the front entrance and there was a big staircase that brought you up to the other rooms. I just loitered in the entrance playing with kittens.
Bathrooms: Big props to the ladies in charge of the toilets at ‘palooza. There was one wheelchair toilet that actually flushed (and it had a sink! VERY exciting) and the two wonderful women were there at all times to make sure that no one used the wheelchair toilet if they didn’t need it.
Spaciousness: Castlepalooza is a small festival so you were rarely overcrowded.
Helpfulness of Staff: Ridiculously helpful.
Parking: I got to park right beside the site entrance which meant I only had a 5-minute walk between my car and the stages and camp site.
Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? I literally have no complaints. 

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