Legless In The Country: An Fulacht Fia, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

An Fulacht Fia
Coast Road, Ballyvaughan. Co. Clare

Sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, An Fulacht Fia offers some of the finest Irish cuisine in the most stunning surroundings. All of the food is locally grown or produced and it is ridiculously tasty. I am literally drooling at the memory of the lamb I had there. The owners, John and Mairin Connole, are so welcoming that you’d almost return for their hospitality alone.

What has it got?

Seating: All of the tables have moveable chairs.
Doors: The doors are easy to open and they fit a wheelchair nicely.
Ground: The entrance has wooden flooring, which could be a little bit slippy when it’s wet out, and the restaurant area is carpeted. The bathrooms are tiled. From the car park, there is gravel but it’s not too difficult to move through.
Stairs: There are no steps in or out of An Fulacht Fia.
Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom here and I had no problem getting in or out of it.
Spaciousness: There is plenty of room to move around here but if it is busy, you will have to ask people to move their chairs in if you’re going to the bathroom.
Helpfulness of Staff: Extremely helpful and they will assist you in whatever way you can.
Parking: There is no specific wheelchair parking spot but the car park is large so there will be enough room to get a chair in and out without scratching your, or anybody else’s, car.
Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? No points were lost here. Everything is flat, the wheelchair bathroom is in check and there are no obstacles to get in the way of you enjoying your meal here. In fact, it should get extra points because the food here is that good. 

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