Legless In The Country: Ballyvaughan Farmers Market

Ballyvaughan Farmers Market
Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Every Saturday from May to October, the Farmers Market happens in the old national school in Ballyvaughan. You can get fresh vegetables, delicious cakes, seafood, flowers, actual authentic Thai food and all the local gossip in one go. The picture above looks a little depressing but it’s a very lively affair, I promise.

What has it got?

Seating: There is a table with moveable chairs in the middle of it all where you can devour all your purchases.
Doors: The doors are kept open into the old school and they are wide enough to fit a wheelchair.
Ground: The yard, where most of the stalls are, is tarred and inside the hall is all wooden flooring.
Stairs: There are no steps in or out of the yard or hall and there is a slope inside the hall to bring you out to the library and toilets.
Bathrooms: They have one bathroom here and it’s for everyone. Men, women, kids and wheelchair users.
Spaciousness: Plenty of room. And then some.
Helpfulness of Staff: There are no staff here per se but they’re all very friendly at the stalls and if you needed a hand at any stage, I am sure they’d oblige.
Parking: Parking gets a bit manic in the ‘vaughan during market hours so…Godspeed.
Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? Markets are not something that normally cater for access but, in this case, the Famers Market is on solid ground, there is room between the stalls, we have a wheelchair bathroom and slopes as opposed to steps. Even though parking is an issue, it is an issue for everyone because of the specific opening hours but get down early and you should be grand. 

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