Legless In The Country: Caherconnell Stone Fort, Carron, Co. Clare

Caherconnell Stone Fort
Carron, Co. Clare

Caherconnell Fort is an ancient ring fort that is found on the farmland of the Davoren family. Once you’ve visited the fort, you can check out the sheepdog trials demonstrated by John and his furry pals, Sally and Lee, or try some Caherconnell Cheese in their café. The fort itself is very impressive as its shape is fully preserved and there are archaeologists working on the site for most of the year and just last week, they discovered the remains of a woman and two children which are believed to be from the 10th or 11th Century.



What has it got?

Seating: The tables all have moveable chairs here.
Doors: The front doors are kept open and all the rest of the doors are very easy to manage.
Ground: Inside the centre, the floors are a mix of limestone and wooden panelling. Outside, the path is a mix of light and heavy gravel. Out to the fort, the ground is rough but because it is a preserved site, very little can be done about it. However, it is possible to get a wheelchair up to the fort. All you need is a bit of a heave here and there. Out to the sheepdog viewing area, it is up a slight hill so a push will be needed but once you get there, it is a flat and sheltered area.
Stairs: There are no stairs but keep in mind that the ground will be uneven and rocky around the fort.
Bathrooms: They have a large wheelchair bathroom in the café area which is beside the ladies and gents.
Spaciousness: There is plenty of room to maneuver here.
Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are very helpful and if you ring in advance, they can help you plan your visit.
Parking: There is a car park at the bottom of the hill which has a graveled path leading up to the centre. But if you ring in advance and say that you need easier access to the building, you can park beside the centre which has a tarred car park with a flat surface.
Rating: 9/10
Why did it lose points? The fort is a preserved site so it is difficult to get everything perfect in terms of access but what they have in place is very good for an outdoor and rocky site. The staff are very helpful here and will do their best so you can enjoy your time at the fort. Make sure you don’t miss the sheepdog trials. 

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