Legless In The Country: Greenes Bar, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Greenes Bar
Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare

Greenes Bar is a really lovely pub that was recently refurbished and somehow managed to retain its small village feel. They have a great smoking area and you’ll find live music there on most nights.

What has it got?

Seating: A lot of the tables have moveable chairs and stools.
Doors: I needed a bit of a hand with the front doors here as they’re on a slope but there were no problems with the other doors.
Ground: The floor is tiled in here and when a few pints spill, it could be a bit risky.
Stairs: Not a step in sight.
Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom here and you’ll have to ask for the key at the bar. This bathroom is honestly the cleanest and nicest smelling bathroom I’ve ever been in. Kudos.
Spaciousness: Things will get a little bit cosy as the places fills up and the night wears on. That’s not always a bad thing.
Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are wonderful here. Again, when things get busy, you could be waiting a bit for the key but simply ask if you can keep it unlocked for the night.
Parking: There is wheelchair parking behind the Spar and there is plenty of on street parking.
Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? No points were lost here because everything is on the ground level (smoking area as well) and they have a wheelchair bathroom. Even though it is kept locked, all you have to do is ask for it to be kept unlocked for the night and you will have no problems. 

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