Legless In The Country: The Burren Perfumery, Carron, Co. Clare

The Burren Perfumery
Carron, Co. Clare

Tucked away in Carron, you’ll find The Burren Perfumery where they make all of their own soaps, shampoos, lip balms, face cleaners and tea from their own herb garden. I adore their rose facial serum and their lavender and marigold facial cleanser. You’ll get swept away with the amount of things that you don’t necessarily need but you’ll definitely want.


What has it got?
Seating: In their tea rooms, they have moveable chairs at their tables. There is outdoor and indoor seating and most of it is easy to get to. Around the perfumery, there are stone walls that double up as a place to rest.
Doors: The doors are wide enough to fit a wheelchair.
Ground: Outside, there are limestone slabs and gravel. It’s a little uneven but manageable. Inside, I think it’s more limestone flooring but it is all flat. Sadly, their herb garden is a little tricky to get around because the paths are uneven and rough. I made it halfway through and had to give up.
Stairs: If there are any steps here, there is a sloped surface right beside it.
Bathrooms: There is no wheelchair bathroom here but I did fit my wheelchair into one of the larger cubicles. Not all wheelchairs will fit in here. If there was a foot of extra space, it would have been easier.
Spaciousness: Other than the bathroom and the herb garden, there is enough room in the perfumery and the tea rooms.
Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are absolutely lovely here. They will help you pick out what’s right for you and if you need any assistance, it should be no problem.
Parking: There is no specific wheelchair spot and none of the parking spots are lined out so if you pick your spot carefully, you will have enough room to get a chair in and out.
Rating: 7/10
Why did it lose points? Sadly, the Perfumery lost three points because their bigger bathroom would not be able to accommodate most wheelchairs and it’s a pity to miss out on the herb garden because it is beautiful. Please don’t let these two things put you off your visit because the it’s a lovely place to visit and you’ll leave smelling like a garden or roses. 

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