Live reviews: Blur, IMMA, Kilmainham

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

You’ve heard of Blur. They’ve managed to space out their live shows enough that you have to admire their stance on reunions. They’re not milking it and, from Damon Albarn literally bouncing off the walls, you can see that they actually enjoy what they’re doing.

What has it got?

Seating: The wheelchair area was mixed together with the VIPs so, near the end, there was a scramble for chairs. I also had to sit up there on my own as wheelchair users were only allowed one person with them and unfortunately, I had more than one friend there.
Doors: No doors. You’re outside. A land without doors.
Ground: There was a light gravel on the path in and then the wheelchair area was up on a platform with white, plastic tiling leading up to it. Elsewhere it was grassy. Thankfully it didn’t rain which would have made it a very messy affair. There was a few speed bumps along the way which would have toppled my chair over if I didn’t have someone with me.
Stairs: Slopes and mild hills as far as the eye could see.
Bathrooms: As far as I was aware, there was one wheelchair portaloo right beside the wheelchair area. The VIPs got to use it too so maybe they should have added another one because you know what those VIPs and portaloos are like when they get together.
Spaciousness: It was a sold out gig so you claimed your space and hung on to it for dear life.
Helpfulness of Staff: One security guy in particular was very helpful. He made sure I had a good spot. Without him, it would have been a crap night.
Parking: There was wheelchair parking about 20 metres away from the concert venue which was nifty. UPDATE: A friend of mine who broke her foot was not allowed to get dropped closer to the venue. She had to walk up a hill with no help from anyone.
Rating: 5/10
Why did it lose points? I had to watch a gig on my own because of the silly plus one restrictions a lot of gigs use. When you could see the VIPs swanning in and out at their leisure, you’d wonder why I couldn’t have two mates up there.  And the queues for the bar were woeful. 

I deducted another two points from this because my friend with a broken foot (cast and crutches in tow) had a lot of difficulty getting into the venue with very little assistance from the Gardaí or onsite security. 

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