Movies at Dundrum

Movies at Dundrum
Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Here lyeth the cinema that services the leafy suburbs of South Dublin.

What has it got?

Seating: Every screen has room for a number of wheelchair users with seats in the front row. 
Doors: The doors aren’t too heavy but you might need a hand getting into the screens. 
Ground: The ground here is carpeted and there are tiles in the foyer.
Stairs: There is a ramp at the front entrance (a couple of steps if you’re that way inclined) and there’s a lift located beside the food counters which will bring you down to the screens. 
Bathrooms: I had no problems with the size of the wheelchair bathrooms here and they are located near the screens. 
Spaciousness: Plenty of room here. So much room, it’s almost as if you can hear the faint roar of a tiger of Celtic origin. 
Helpfulness of Staff: I didn’t need that much assistance here but there are plenty of staff about the place and seem as if they’re ready to help out whenever. 
Parking: There is plenty of wheelchair parking in the shopping centre’s car park but there are  4/5 wheelchair parking spots located off the Sandyford Road (map here). 
Rating: 10/10

Why did it lose points? I had very few problems here but because this cinema was built in 2005, it has all the proper bells and whistles in terms of access. 

I will get around to reviewing Dundrum Town Centre shortly…

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