The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw
11-12 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2

The Shaw has one of the best smoking areas in Dublin and, like a gift from above, it has a giant blue bus that dispenses delicious pizzas. They put on decent DJ sets most nights and if you get in for a bank holiday weekend, Lord holy, you’ll have a great time.

What has it got?

Seating: In the front bar, there is space for wheelchairs at the tables. The smoking area is huge and there is room a plenty but there are steps to conquer before you get there.
Doors: The front doors are a little tricky but if you open both of them at once, you’ll have no problems.
Ground: The floors are wooden and tiled. The tiled floors are fierce slippy when a bit of drinks spills on them.
Stairs: Ok. Here’s where the craic begins. A wheelchair can gain access to the front bar no problem but there are four very steep steps down to the other bar and where the toilets are. There are also three or four more steps out to where the smoking area is. I need two of my mates to lift me in and out of there.
Bathrooms: The bathrooms are very tight and with only three female (can’t speak for men folk here, soz) cubicles, there is always a long line. I haven’t tried to get the wheelchair in there because I know how tight they are.
Spaciousness: If you get out to the smoking area, you will have loads of space but the Shaw tends to get very packed so don’t expect to be doing donuts or wheelies when you get there.
Helpfulness of Staff: Very, very helpful. Will go out of their way to help.
Parking: There is a wheelchair parking spot beside Aprile Takeaway (reviewed here) on Lennox Street (map here).
Rating: 4/10
Why did it lose points? It lost a rake of points because a wheelchair can only really get to the front bar when all the action is out in the smoking area and the bathrooms cannot fit a wheelchair. Although my mates don’t mind lifting me out there, I can’t speak for everyone. If there was an entrance created that led directly out to the smoking area, we’d be laughing but to get here, you’d need some burly mates and a strong bladder. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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