Tribeca, Ranelagh

65 Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6

There are plenty of nice things on the menu of Tribeca but you need not look any further than their chicken wings. One wing in and you’ll be thinking about them for days.

What has it got?
Seating: The tables have moveable chairs and then around the edges, they have fixed benches.
Doors: The doors are wide and are easy to open.
Ground: Wooden floors. Oaky in colour. A real treat to the eye.
Stairs: There are no steps in and out of the restaurant but there is another seating level and a wine bar up a flight of stairs. There is no lift.
Bathrooms: There is one wheelchair bathroom here. I managed to get stuck in there today so some precise parallel turning is required.
Spaciousness: If you’re going through the restaurant when it’s busy, you will have to ask people to pull their chairs in so you can get by.
Helpfulness of Staff: Staff are very helpful and with the point mentioned above, they’ll help you with clearing the way.
Parking: There is plenty of street parking in Ranelagh but it can be very busy. There are wheelchair parking spots down a few of the side roads and, don’t quote me on this, but I believe there is definitely wheelchair parking on Elmpark Avenue (map here).
Rating: 8.5/10
Why did it lose points? It lost a point and a half because it can be a bit of hassle getting through the restaurant to get to the wheelchair bathroom and, then when you get there, the bathroom is a little bit tight. Otherwise, great spot. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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