The Twisted Pepper

Twisted Pepper
54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

By day, Twisted Pepper houses Vice Coffee Inc and Boxcutter Barbershop. By night, you can gorge on cocktails and watch a wide array of DJs, bands from near and far or one of Banter‘s nights. If you want some of the best coffee in Dublin or want to get your groove on, stop by here. I mean, you’d never have to leave this place with the amount of things going on.

What has it got?

Seating: There are booths a-plenty here with moveable chairs and stools.

Doors: The doors are easy enough to push open and a wheelchair fits through all of them without any problems.

Ground: They have wooden flooring and tiling here and there’s a sort of black lino thing going on in the music venue.

Stairs: There are no steps in and out of the ground level but to get to the music venue and barbers downstairs, you have about 15-20 steps. The smoking area is upstairs and there’s around 15 steps to get up there. There is no lift.

Bathrooms: There is a wheelchair bathroom on the ground level, just past the stage area. You will need to ask at the bar for the key. The other bathrooms are located upstairs and downstairs and these are all regular sized cubicles.

Spaciousness: There is plenty of room here as the chairs and tables are to the side and there’s a clear walkway. There will be a bit of human traffic to deal with as it gets busier at night.

Helpfulness of Staff: Super helpful here. The Vice staff can bring your coffee right over to your table and in at Elastic Witch, you’ll be blushing by how helpful there are. At night, it can get very packed so if you need a hand at any stage, ask the bouncers or bar staff and you should be ok.

Parking: There is wheelchair parking on Great Stand Street (map here).

Rating: 8/10

Why did it lose points? Twisted Pepper lost two points simply because if there is a DJ on downstairs or if you want to go to the barbers, it would be very difficult to get down those stairs. On the ground level, you have a lot of space and the wheelchair bathroom is located there too. So if all you need is on that floor, you should have no problems. 

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Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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