Pitt Bros BBQ

Pitt Bros BBQ
Unit 1, Wicklow House, Georges Street, Dublin 2

Meat, meat, GLORIOUS meat. With a menu that boasts craft beers, five different meat dishes either smoked or pulled and a selection of mouth-watering sides, Pitt Bros BBQ is not the type of place for people with a plain palette. You get a decent portion for under €15 and when you think you can devour no more, there’s a free pour your own ice cream cone on offer. When we went there, the happiness levels went from a stuffed plateau of content to soaring joy with the arrival of the cones. Great spot.

What has it got?

Seating: All of the chairs are moveable here but the tables are often communal so you might have to wait a while to get a spot for all of your party.

Doors: The doors are a little heavy but chairs fit in nicely.

Ground: Concrete floor in the seating area and tiled bathroom floor.

Stairs: No steps in or out.

Bathrooms: The wheelchair bathroom is huge here. You could probably raise a small family here if you were brazen enough. Plus, they have TWO sinks in there. Spoiled.

Spaciousness: In the seating area, it can be a little crowded but choose your seat wisely and you should have a clear path to the bathroom and the main door.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are very helpful here in regards to which meat you would like and which table would be best suited to your chair.

Parking: There is a wheelchair parking spot on Dame Court, as well as plenty of on street parking, and two wheelchair spots on Drury Street where there is also a car park and more on street parking spots. Map here.

Rating: 9/10
Why did it lose points? Pitt Bros BBQ lost one point because it can be a bit crowded which would interfere with you getting a decent table to suit your chair. Because you cannot pre-book a table, it’s walk-in only which means that it’s luck of the draw for a suitable table. Otherwise, great spot with incredible food. 


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