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Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
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The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (rolls off the tongue, donnit?) is a great opportunity to gorge on films from all over the world, as well as a number of Irish-made productions. Nigel and Paraic over at have handpicked 13 movies that you should check out if scrolling through the online programme is tiresome.

The venues for this movie bonanza are all properly accessible except for the Savoy. So have a read before you book your tickets.


Space for wheelchairs: Yes
Stairs: Wherever there are stairs, there is either a slope, a lift or a small wheelchair lift to take you there.

Wheelchair Bathroom: Yes. There are a number of wheelchair bathrooms.

Light House

Space for wheelchairs: Yes.
Stairs: There is a lift that brings you to every floor.

Wheelchair Bathroom: Yes, they are a little tight but they are very much there.


Space for wheelchairs: Yes
Stairs: There is a lift that brings you to the screens upstairs. Everything else is on flat ground.

Wheelchair Bathroom: Yes. The bathroom beside the gift shop is particularly futuristic. Treat yourself and use this one. You will need to get a key for it from the bar. The other bathroom is kept unlocked.


The Savoy
To get into the Savoy, as a wheelchair user, you need to somehow get a member of staff’s attention or ring in advance so that they can bring you through the side entrance. Their front door is just riddled with steps. Only one of their screens (Screen 1) is wheelchair accessible, the rest are up flights of stairs and there is no lift. Luckily, they use Screen 1 for the JDIFF screenings. They are showing No Limbs, No Limits here on February 15th which is so unbelievably ironic but do try and see it as it sounds like an incredible documentary.

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