Against The Grain

Against The Grain
11 Wexford Street, Dublin 2

As far as pubs go, Against the Grain is a sturdy choice. With its handy location on Wexford Street, you can treat your palette to beautiful beers and beautiful burgers before you head on over to Whelan’s for a gig or a good aul bop. And if this is properly up your alley, visit its totally wheelchair accessible sister pub The Black Sheep on Capel Street and The 108 in Rathgar.

What has it got?

Seating: All of the chairs are moveable here with tables at the perfect height for a wheelchair.
Doors: The doors are wide enough to fit a wheelchair.
Ground: Hello wooden, non-slip flooring!
Stairs: They have one flight of stairs up to another room which is often used as a venue for private parties.
Bathrooms: Sadly, they have no wheelchair bathroom but the ladies and gents are on the ground level. I often do the hop job from chair to cubicle with no problem but that’s not for everyone.
Spaciousness: Other than the masses of people, there is plenty of room here to move around.
Helpfulness of Staff: The staff here are particularly great. Good craic and accommodating.
Parking: There is a wheelchair spot across the road, just outside Bunsen, as well as plenty of other on-street parking spots.
Rating: 7/10
Why did it lose points? Against the Grain loses three points it has no wheelchair bathroom. It’s a real pity because it is a brilliant spot. Hopefully they shift their asses into gear and put an accessible bathroom in soon. 

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