Honest To Goodness

Honest To Goodness
12 Dame Court, Dublin 2

Today I asked the internet for a good city centre lunch destination and, boy, did it deliver. Thanks to Dublin band Sleep Thieves who pointed me in the direction of Honest To Goodness. I ordered the Kick Start sandwich (crispy bacon, sausage, pudding, egg and relish) with white chili bread and it hit every spot of my mild hangover. It had enough substance so I wouldn’t be craving a filthy takeaway later on. Brilliant spot for breakfast and lunch.

What has it got?

Seating: The majority of the tables have moveable chairs and there are some high stools around the bar area.
Doors: The front doors are wide and easy to open.
Ground: The floor is concrete
Stairs: Everything you need is on the ground floor. Hurray!
Bathrooms: They have a big wheelchair bathroom that also has a mirror and proper handrails.
Spaciousness: Even though every table was full, there was still plenty of room to get through. They layout is great here so it never feels crowded or that your chair is in the way.
Helpfulness of Staff: Great staff and incredibly helpful. The counter at the till is even slightly lowered so you’re not reaching up to pay.
Parking: There is wheelchair parking further down Dame Court beside Ukiyo.
Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? The staff acknowledged that their old location was completely inaccessible and it’s great to see that they made sure their new venue would be spacious and, with that, it is totally wheelchair friendly. The food is wholesome and delicious. I can’t wait to go back and sample another sambo.

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Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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