P Mac’s

P Mac’s
Lower Stephen Street, Dublin 2

P Mac’s is a great spot. Free Banshee Bones, lollipops, all the craft beers going and a completely unpredictable music selection from Snoop Dogg to Queens of the Stone Age. It’s an incredibly busy pub for a very good reason but this means that it can often be uncomfortably packed.

What has it got?

Seating: A lot of the tables have moveable chairs of different shapes and sizes with some fixed couches.
Doors: The front doors are double doors which can sometimes be difficult to push open but they fit a wheelchair.
Ground: Wooden flooring.
Stairs: The entrance is flat in but there are a few steep steps up to the toilets.
Bathrooms: They have no wheelchair bathroom here BUT the Drury Court Hotel next door has a wheelchair bathroom that you can use. To the right of the bar, there is a snug which has doors that open directly into the hotel. Ask at the desk for the bathroom and pee freely, my friend.
Spaciousness: This is a very, very tight spot because it is always rammed with people. If you use a wheelchair, I recommend that you sit in the snug to the right of the bar so that you can get to the bathroom easily without skinning the ankles off of everyone in there.
Helpfulness of Staff: They are top notch. And if you are nice to them, you will get extra crisps.
Parking: There are two wheelchair parking spots down the road. They are opposite Break for the Border.
Rating: 5/10
Why did it lose points? P Mac’s lost points because it is really tough to get around when it is busy. The lack of wheelchair bathroom is also a massive pain because you have to leave the pub, through the sea of people, to get to the nearest wheelchair toilet. The path outside is also quite tight because their smoking area blocks off a lot of room. 
I really like this pub but I wouldn’t go unless I know that it’s not too busy or if the table in the snug is free. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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