Bell and Pot Café Kitchen

Bell and Pot Café Kitchen
3 Mercer Lane, Dublin 2

I was really excited about visiting Bell and Pot. It had sandwiches GALORE, had a twee theme to it and wasn’t too far from my bus stop. It had it all. Sadly, my expectations were not met in terms of access. I shall reveal ALL below.

What has it got?

Seating:  The tables all have moveable chairs but not many of the chairs have arms to help you get up. Some of the seats are quite low but they all vary in height and size.

Doors:  The front door was quite heavy to open – had to ask someone to come and push it open for me.

Ground:  Wooden floors.

Stairs: The restaurant space is flat but the ladies and gents are downstairs.

Bathrooms: The wheelchair bathroom is in the Travelodge Hotel, which is attached. You have to go through two rooms and it is there. Sadly, I could not fit my wheelchair in. And believe me, I tried every which way. My wheelchair is not big but if you’re without a wheelchair, they have bars and railings a-plenty.

Spaciousness: Other than not fitting into the wheelchair bathroom, there was plenty of space in the seating areas.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff were helpful with picking out food and with the door.

Parking: There are two wheelchair parking spots outside the Royal College of Surgeons and two more in front of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, which are just around the block. There is plenty of other on street parking available.

Rating: 5/10

Why did it lose points? Sadly, the Bell and Pot lost points because of the wheelchair bathroom and the difficult door to open. The fact that it was a specifically designed and planned wheelchair bathroom and yet totally failed to serve its – eh – purpose was quite disappointing. The food is fine and I probably won’t be returning here myself but if you wanna try it out and see if you can slither into the bathroom, by all means, be my guest. 

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Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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