My Meat Wagon, Smithfield

My Meat Wagon
Smithfield Market Square, Dublin 7


While there is no shortage of meat-only restaurants in Dublin (Pitt Bros. BBQ, Crackbird, Bear etc.), I had my eye on My Meat Wagon for a while because there’s very little I wouldn’t do for a good burger. It’s a very straight-up way of ordering food; chicken, pork or beef with a choice of one or two sides like fries, beans, mash or corn. It’s cheap(ish), cheerful and hefty – all great things – but some of the quirks of the place, like getting your fries in a mini shopping trolley, are a bit of a nuisance.


What has it got?

Seating:  Most of the tables here are low communal benches. You could easily sit at the end of one of these but we sat at a booth which was easy for me to hop out of my wheelchair to get into but you could also park yourself at the side and be grand. They also have high stools.

Doors:  The front door is a little heavy to push but it’s wide.

Ground:  The floor seems to be lined with a slip-proof surface so it should be alright when it’s wet outside.

Stairs: It’s all flat. Hurrah!

Bathrooms: Their ladies toilet was 1oo% wheelchair accessible with loads of room and handrails a-plenty. However, their mirror was way too high. It did smell fab though.

Spaciousness: My Meat Wagon isn’t massive but if you are making your way from the front to the back, you should have enough room. Some stools might be in your way but it’s easy to get through.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff were really sound here and helpful with getting us the right table.

Parking: There’s plenty of onstreet wheelchair parking in and around Smithfield Square as well as a number of spaces in the car park.


Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? It didn’t! My Meat Wagon is really easy to get around and the food is top notch. It’s a really nifty spot for a pre-movie meal if you’re heading to the Light House Cinema

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