The Cake Café

The Cake Café
The Daintree Building, Pleasants Place, Dublin 8


The Cake Café is one of my favourite meeting spots. It’s great for a quick coffee or a very long and delicious lunch and, if the weather is nice, their garden is a gorgeous place to eat and your dog can come too. It’s a little bit off the beaten track, as in you have to walk through the Daintree Paper shop or through their garden to get there, but it can get quite crowded at lunchtime and at the weekends. As the name suggests, their cakes are sublime but if you’re going for a bigger meal, I highly recommend their beans and toast.

What has it got?

Seating:  All of the tables are medium height and have moveable chairs (they have no arm rests) and outside one of the tables has longer benches.

Doors:  They have double doors here and you might need someone to unlock the second half to fit a wheelchair through. There’s a slight bump in but it’s manageable.

Ground:  Outside, there’s a very light gravel and paving stones and inside the floors are tiled. If it’s raining, it might be a bit slippy.

Stairs: It’s all flat here.

Bathrooms: Their bathroom is quite large and fits my wheelchair perfectly but they use the space outside for storage so you might have to ask someone to move stuff around.

Spaciousness: It can be a bit of a tight squeeze inside with the tables and chairs, especially if it’s full.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are incredibly helpful here and if you let them know when you need help, they will be right on it.

Parking: There is plenty of on-street parking in the area and a number of wheelchair parking spots on Camden Street. I normally park on Grantham Street and use the Pleasants Place entrance.


Rating: 8.5/10
Why did it lose points? Overall, Cake Café is a great place to visit but because it’s quite small and very popular, it can be difficult to find an inside table that suits (I always sit outside) and you will have to move things around to use their bathroom. But if you know all of this in advance, it’s the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon. 

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