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Longitude 2015

Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

I swung by Longitude on Saturday and Sunday and, I have to say, other than the transport being a bit of a pain in the neck, it was such an easy-to-do festival. No huge treks, no massive clashes on the timetable and it wasn’t rammed with people. The musical highlights were undoubtedly my current pop queen Tove Lo, the guys whose asses just won’t quit Le Galaxie and Chemical Brothers, who blew my head off.


What has it got?

Getting there: According to those who took the bus, Dublin Bus was a little bit under pressure to provide enough buses over the weekend so many people I know took the Luas and walked half an hour to Marlay Park. I would have taken the bus but they were all packed so we got taxis to and from the festival. Getting home each night was a bit of a nightmare and loads of people I know left early (we left at 9 on the Saturday night) so that they wouldn’t be waiting or walking for ages to get home.

Ground: The condition of the ground was top quality. There was no mud, even though it lashed rain on Saturday night, and all of the grassy areas were well kept.

Bathrooms: The wheelchair bathrooms were kept clean. They had security or stewards near them so the people who needed to use them were given priority.

Viewing platforms: They had viewing platforms at all the stages and they had excellent views. They were fairly easy going with how many people you could bring up with you. That being said, all festivals should really relax with that rule more.

Helpfulness of staff: The staff were on the ball here. As soon as I arrived, stewards were pointing me in the right direction of viewing platforms and accessible bathrooms. Very accommodating and quite delightful to deal with!


Rating: 9/10
Why did it lose points? Overall, I had a great weekend at Longitude. In general, they knew what they were doing with access but the transport needs to be sorted out; either put on more buses or set up a taxi rank so that people aren’t hanging around on the streets for ages.

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