Pablo Picante

Pablo Picante
4 Clarendon Market, Dublin 2

According to my friends, who are far more devout to the burrito than I, Pablo Picante is the second best burrito place in Dublin, coming after Boojum. Now, I have yet to experience Boojum so I give Pablos two solid thumbs up. I sampled their Sloppy José torta the other day from the torta section (the shop is split in two) and I feel like my life has been changed forever. I never knew that a black bean pureé would be the thing to enlighten me but you learn something new every day.

What has it got?

Seating:  If you’re in a wheelchair, your seating options aren’t great. In the burrito and torta part of Pablos, the table are all very high with stools. The table would be level with your face. They have communal benches outside and the tables are at a good height here but it’s totally weather dependent.

Doors:  The doors are all wide.

Ground:  Tiled floors.

Stairs: The entrance to the burrito bar has one step in and the entrance to the torta bar is relatively flat but you will need an extra hoosh to get over the lip at the door.

Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom in the torta bar. Hurrah. They have no mirror though so, guys, sort that. Please.

Spaciousness: It’s very tight in here, particularly in the burrito bar. I send my mates in to order for me if we’re getting burritos but the torta section has a bit more room.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are really sound here and I have been informed that if it’s easier for you to go into the torta bar, you can order a burrito and they’ll bring it out to you.

Parking: There’s three wheelchair parking spots available on Lower Stephen Street.


Rating: 8/10
Why did it lose points? Pablo Picante lost two points because you are very limited to where you can sit and even though the entrance to the torta section is flat, it’s still a bit tricky to get in. That being said, any hassle getting in is totally erased once you taste the food. Worth the visit and worth the hassle. 

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