TEDMED: Sophie de Oliveira Barata

Last September, the designer of my prosthetic leg, the Alternative Limb Project‘s Sophie de Oliveira Barata, was invited to give a TED Talk in San Francisco as part of the annual TEDMED event. The date of her talk bizarrely linked up with the same time that I’d be visiting San Fran as part of my American road trip so, in a weird and wonderful turn of events, she asked me to come up onstage with her and show my wears.

Sophie does incredible work with prosthetic limbs. Her mind works at 100 miles a second and before she finishes one thought, she starts asking ‘what else can we do?’

Her work allows amputees to embrace their situation. I know that my line on the whole thing is that you gotta go big or go home. And we went big.

Her talk is below and I roll in at the 11-minute mark and you can read more about her work here.

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