Festival Preview: Another Love Story 2015

Another Love Story
21 – 23 August, 2015
Killyon Manor, Hill of Down, Co. Meath

I have heard nothing but magical things about Another Love Story. It’s being sold as a romantic, starry-eyed event and with approximately 500 guests, it should definitely have an intimate, loved-up feel to it. Run by Happenings and Homebeat, who provide outdoors cinema nights and daytime gigs in parks in and around Ireland, it boasts a DIY and inclusive vibe, something that is often lost at big festivals and the stunning settings of Killyon Manor will make us feel very elegant indeed.  Even though I’m suffering from festival fatigue (it’s a real thing) at this stage in the summer, the FOMO would be too strong if I had to miss out on something like Another Love Story.

What has it got?

Line up: Loah, Come On Live Long, I Have A Tribe, Margie Lewis, Carriages, Buffalo Woman, Attention Bébé, Valerie Francis, Elephant, Tomorrows, Paddy Hanna, Ye Vagabonds, Tandem Felix, SignA, Sun Collective, David Kitt (DJ set) and more.

Size: To quote a good pal of mine, “it’s the size of a large garden”.  The festivities take place  in the ball room which is in the ground floor of the house and out on the front lawn. It’s a doddle really.


Terrain: There is a mixture of field, a gravel driveway and the lawn in front of the house. The drive is uneven in spots and the field will have some rough patches but the lawns will be fairly steady.

Mud: According to some people that are there now, it’s mud free.

Toilets: There will  be a wheelchair accessible portaloo onsite.

Camping: The campsite is in a field  which is just a quick stroll from the house.

Parking: Parking is available in a field beside the campsite and if you have any parking requirements, the staff will do their best to help.

Staff and crew: This is a small event in its second year and the staff and crew are looking to accommodate all of their guests so that they have a great weekend.

Tickets: Weekend camping; €110 + €7.35 fee/€130 + €8.55 fee. Sunday family ticket; €45 + €3.45 fee.

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