Project Arts Centre

Project Arts Centre
39 Essex Street, Dublin 2


The Project Arts Centre is one of Dublin’s leading venues for contemporary theatre and visual arts. Just on the skirting of Temple Bar, it holds two great theatre spaces, a gallery space, a bar and a café and the best thing about the whole thing is that it is totally and utterly accessible. YEOW. From the second you arrive at the doorstep, it’s quite obvious that this venue was designed with access in mind.


What has it got?

Seating:  The two venues have moveable seats so wheelchair users can slip in. None of the chairs have arm rests but if you any requests, like an aisle seat or a seat near a handrail, mention that when you are booking a ticket. If you did not mention any seat requirements when you were booking your ticket, make sure that you arrive early at the venue and they will be able to sort you right out.

Doors:  All of the doors are very wide and the front door has a push to open button.

Ground:  Concrete/stone floors.

Stairs: There is a lift that goes to every floor.

Bathrooms: They have a very large wheelchair bathroom on the ground level.

Spaciousness: There is a lot of room here, especially in the theatre spaces.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are very helpful here. Access is very much a top priority here and when I popped in to visit, Aoife at the front desk said that the seating is designed in a way so that it’s no trouble for a wheelchair user to get a place, even if they didn’t mention it when they were booking tickets.

Parking: The closest wheelchair parking spot is on Essex Street if you take a left from Parliament Street.

Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose points? It didn’t! Like I said, the second you arrive at the front door and see the push to open button, you realise that your visit is going to be very easy. Their two performance spaces are also fitted with the Loop system to assist those with hearing impairments. I’ve been to a number of shows here and even when it’s a sold out show, you never feel overcrowded or lost. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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