The Brick House

The Brick House
288a Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W

I was dying to visit this place as I drive by it all of the time. Anywhere that advertises sweet treats above its door frame is always going to pull me in and they definitely deliver on that front. This is a great spot for lunch, coffee and I’ve heard tell of their wonderful weekend brunch. I ate more than my fill here and there caramel slices are indulgent little divils.

What has it got?

Seating:  All of the tables have moveable chairs but none of them have armrests. Some of the tables have long benches with arm rests at either end. The tables are at a medium height so they’re perfect for a wheelchair.

Doors:  The front door is a little heavy but it is wide.

Ground:  Wooden floorboards.

Stairs: At the front step, there is a slight raise and there are a few steps out to the garden at the back.

Bathrooms: They have a bathroom that measures approximately 47×57 inches. Even though it has a wheelchair sign on it, it does not fit a wheelchair. It doesn’t have bars but the door opens outwards so, if you get someone to guard the entrance to the bathroom area, you could transfer from your wheelchair in.

Spaciousness: You might have a bit of trouble fitting through tables and chairs if the place is crowded.

Helpfulness of Staff: Absolutely lovely and they will make sure you can get a table that suits you.

Parking: There is no specific wheelchair parking spot close by there but there is plenty of on street parking outside and around the area.


Rating: 6/10
Why did it lose points? The Brick House lost points because even though they have a wheelchair bathroom, you’d have to be relatively mobile to get into it. It’s also a little bit tight for space and that would only increase when it’s busier. That being said, if you get there when it’s quiet, you should have no problems. 

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