9 Camden Street, Dublin 2

Deselby’s is one of the latest additions to Camden Street and after visiting it on separate occasions for coffee and then for dinner, it’s been added to my list of Go To Places for meeting friends. The dinner menu is seafood heavy and there’s a huge focus on local produce. I had the pure pleasure of eating a special called a Crème Brie-lée last night which is as bloody indulgent and delicious as the name hints. A big bowl of melted brie, glazed with sea salt and a decent serving of sourdough and red onion marmalade. With a huge selection of coffees and teas from Roasted Brown and Wall & Keogh, it’s a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon with the stained glass front and very sound staff there to tend to your every caffeine need.


What has it got?

Seating:  All of the tables have moveable chairs (no arm rests) and the tables are at a good height for a wheelchair.

Doors:  The front door is easy to open and very wide but the bathroom doors are a little heavy as they are fire doors.

Ground:  Tiled floors.

Stairs: As flat as Kildare.

Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom with all of the handles and bars. It measures at 50×90. The door is a little heavy as it’s a fire door.

Spaciousness: If it gets very busy, you might have to ask people to pull in their chairs but the way it’s laid out, you will be ok getting a good table.

Helpfulness of Staff: Incredibly sound and very helpful.

Parking: There’s wheelchair parking available on Camden Street as well as plenty of other on street spaces.


Rating: 10/10
Why did it lose point? It didn’t. Deselby’s is a great addition to Camden Street. I now consider it a reliable joint to meet someone for coffee or for dinner. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.

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