Disable Inequality Campaign Launch, 13th January 2016

Disable Inequality Campaign Launch
13th January, 2016, 11 – 12.30am
The Atrium, Trinity College, Dublin 2


With the upcoming general election, the Disability Federation of Ireland has launched their Disable Inequality campaign to make equality for people with disabilities a defining issue and priority for the new Programme for Government. Disable Inequality is gathering evidence of the daily unfairness, discrimination and segregation that is the reality for many people living with a disability today.

For those of us living with a disability, we’ve a long list of ways that we have been left out. I realised this at music gigs when I stopped using crutches and moved to a wheelchair five years ago and since then, every single day has some obstacle. If a friend or a family member has a disability, you are also very aware of how disabled people are forgotten about and it’s just not fair.  Luckily, Disable Inequality will help stop that.

Disabled Inequality wants to gather up your stories  to show the daily exclusion that disabled people face. If you submit a short video, you can be part of this exciting movement.

At the launch on 13th January, lecturer, disability advocate and Seanad hopeful Dr. Tom Clonan, motivational speaker Carol Brill, Irish paralympic swimmer and student Ellen Keane, and I will be speaking on the day. We will share our stories and highlight the issues we or our loved ones encounter every day.

If you wish to register to attend, email martinamckenna@disability-federation.ie

You can submit your story easily on disableinequality.ie.

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