Angelina’s Restaurant + Deli

Angelina’s Restaurant + Deli
No. 55 Percy Place, Dublin 4 // @angelinasdublin

If there’s one thing I am certain of in this life, it is that I love a good sandwich. As soon as I heard that a sister deli was opening up beside Angelina’s restaurant, my senses became heightened and my desire for a ‘wich became unquenchable. You choose your own fillings but the magic really happens when you choose the style of sandwich; New York, Mexican, Hipster, Texan or Italian. Their coffee also comes from Two Fifty Square, a firm Legless favourite.

The restaurant is a little less casual than the deli but with a view of the Grand Canal and incredible Italian dishes, it’s quite special and you’ll feel a bit like Tony Soprano on a day off. May I recommend the linguini. It fed me for days…


Angelina’s Deli


What has it got?

Seating:  The deli has high stools along a counter top and outside they have mid-height tables with moveable chairs. The restaurant has fixed couches with their tables and moveable chairs (with arm rests).

Doors:  The doors are all very wide and they’re not too heavy to open.

Ground:  It’s a mixture of wooden panels and stone.

Stairs: There are no steps at the entrance of the deli or restaurant. There are a couple of tables up a few steps in the restaurant so make sure to ask for a suitable table when you are booking.

Bathrooms: They have a large wheelchair bathroom (70×90) that caters to both the deli and the restaurant. It has a sliding door so that means you’ll have no issues with fitting a wheelchair of any size in there. However, the door is a bit tricky to lock as you need to put your body weight into closing it. If it was a hook and eye lock, it would be much easier.

Spaciousness: The deli will get quite busy during lunch hours so as long as you take that on board when you’re visiting, it should be ok. The restaurant is very big and you shouldn’t have any issues making your way through it in a wheelchair.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff are great here. If you’re making a booking, make sure to ask for a table suitable for a wheelchair. In the deli, if you need a hand with anything, they’re very sound and will assist in any way that they can.

Parking: There is plenty of on-street parking on Percy Place, Haddington Road and Baggot Street with a number of wheelchair spots located there.

Rating: 9.5/10
Why did it lose points? Angelina’s lost half a point because the bathroom door is difficult to slam shut but once that is sorted, it would be the perfect place to go for lunch or a delicious dinner. 

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Louise Bruton

Reviewing Dublin, step by step, in terms of wheelchair accessibility. Freelance journalist and pop culture enthusiast.


  • That is often the problem with many places, the door into the toilet. There are so many places to go in Dublin and nowhere matches the standards of the National Gallery when it comes to disasbled toilets. in fairness many buildings don’t but I shall add this place to my bucket list this year.,

  • do you ever mention hospitals in yor blog. They often fall below standards. A prime example is the Urology Department in St Vincent’s university hospital.
    The Disabled toilet is in the waiting room and with a power chair it is not only difficult to enter but the door is of course impossible to close so you have an audience. The word public toilet takes on a new meaning.

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