Fia Café

Fia Café
155b Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Since Fia opened in the spring of 2016, it has made an appearance in my life on a weekly basis and since Catherine Cleary gave it 8 out of 10 in the Irish Times last month, plenty of other people have decided to include it in their lives. The focus of Fia is to make healthy and delicious food, using local and seasonal ingredients. Their menu has its set breakfast and lunch menu  but keep an eye on their specials board for perfect combinations you would never have dreamed of before. For me, their eggs and chocolate brownies are staple items.  Even though this space fills up very quickly, thanks to the lovely, let me emphasise LOVELY staff, you never feel rushed. Make it your mission to go here for weekend brekkie soon.


What has it got?
Seating:  All of the tables have moveable chairs (no arm rests). They are medium-height tables and there’s a high few stool and a bar at the window front and two medium-height tables outside.

Doors:  The door can be a little heavy to push open to enter if you’re in a wheelchair but the staff and other customers tend to be quite quick to open it. It’s easier to pull open when you’re leaving.

Ground:  Wooden floors.

Stairs: It’s all flat inside.

Bathrooms: Their bathroom is suitable for a wheelchair, measuring approximately 100×70, and it also has a low sink.

Spaciousness: Fia tends to be full at all times during the weekend and, lately, at lunchtime during the week which means that space will be a minor issue. There are a couple of tables to the side that are always suitable to clear for a wheelchair.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff here, as I said above, are absolutely lovely and they always clear the chair away before I even notice so I can sit in with my own wheelchair comfortably.

Parking: There are two wheelchair parking spots and other spots available beside the church on Leicester Avenue and plenty of other on-street parking around the corner on Frankfort Avenue.


Rating: 9.5/10
Why did it lose points? Fia only lost a fraction of a point because the only issues that a wheelchair user will come across is the lack of space but that’s down to Fia’s popularity and the slightly heavy front door. The staff are quite attentive so any issues you have with the door or clearing a space for your chair won’t last long at all. 

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