Two Boys Brew

Two Boys Brew
375 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Two Boys Brew is the latest brunch spot in Phibsboro and at weekends, its popularity will have people queuing out the door within half an hour of opening. A quick scan of the menu will cause your eyeballs to widen  times three (The Boys Smoky Beans leapt from the page and into my heart immediately for me) and you’ll question if you can get sides on top of your sides. Aoife McElwain has a great write up here on the joint from last summer. Get there nice and early if you want to be first in line (it opens at 7.30a.m. midweek and 9a.m. at the weekends).


What has it got?

Seating:  All of the tables have moveable chairs and they’re medium in height, so they’re perfect for a wheelchair user. They have a few high tables at the back with high stools.

Doors:  The front door is a double door and you will need to open both of them to fit your chair in. There’s also one step at the front door.

Ground:  Flagstone floor.

Stairs: There is one step at the front door. It’s about a foot high so you will need assistance here if you are in a wheelchair. The double doors open inwards so it will be a Two Boy job to get you in; one person to tip the chair up the step and another to hold the doors open.

Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom with handrails and bars inside. It’s approximately 90×90 in size, a square, and just about fits in a wheelchair.

Spaciousness: Space will be an issue when it’s rammed but there was a clear path from the front door to the bathrooms at the back.

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff were quick to grab the door for me and they made sure that we had a table that was suitable.

Parking: There is no parking outside of Two Boys Brew so I parked on Goldsmith Street, which has plenty of on street parking, and there was a pedestrian crossing close by so it was easy to get to get in from there. There is a car park close by at the Phibsboro Shopping Centre and it has a couple of wheelchair parking spots available.


Rating: 6/10
Why did it lose points? Two Boys Brew lost four points because the step at the front door, combined with the double doors, means that a wheelchair user can only get inside with assistance from two people. Larger, electric wheelchairs will find this particularly tricky. Once you’re inside, it’s all flat and there are plenty of medium-level tables that should suit a wheelchair. The wheelchair bathroom fit my wheelchair but it might be a problem for larger wheelchairs. While I was there, I had no issues with space and the staff and my pal helped out with the step and front door.  

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