Testing out rally car driving in the Rally School Monaghan. © Philip Fitzpatrick

Testing out rally car driving in the Rally School Monaghan. © Philip Fitzpatrick

Legless In Dublin is a guide to navigating Dublin (and other places), whether you use a wheelchair or not. The reviews are for everyone but the access details are there for those who need them. Where most websites simply say yes or no to wheelchair access, Legless In Dublin goes into detail. Bars, clubs, restaurants, music festivals, cafes and whatever else are all reviewed in terms of access, atmosphere and craic.


Hello. I’m Louise Bruton, the creator of Legless In Dublin. I’ve decided to fill you in a bit more about my disability so you can compare my reviews to your own personal experience and decide if the venue suits you. I have used a wheelchair since 2011 but for the 23 years before that, I used crutches to walk. I was born with a walking disability and a curved spine. At age 17, I had my right foot amputated so I now wear a prosthesis. I am quite mobile and independent and I use a manual wheelchair. I have a lot of upper body strength but have no power in my legs and cannot walk at all. However, I can transfer easily and can put weight through my legs so I can hop up from my chair to a high stool or into a bathroom that does not fit a wheelchair. I have no other health issues so when I head out, I need to know if there is an accessible bathroom and if there are any steps.

Everyone’s situation is different and I try to include as much information as possible for all wheelchair users. If there’s anything else you think I should include, please let me know. 


Legless In Dublin came into life on the 29th of July, 2013.

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